Orders Campaign Medals And Decorations

Orders, Campaign Medals, and Decorations of the Royal Slabovian Navey

Other Honours

Friendship Medal (33)King's Mark of MeritKing's Mark of FriendshipQueen-Consort's Fellowship

Foreign Honours

The following foreign honours are recognized by the Government of Slabovia and are approved for wear by Officers of the Royal Slabovian Navey in accordance with Navey dress regulations. Foreign honours are generally worn on the right breast.

Order of King Henry the LionDistinguished Micronational Service MedalKnight Commander of the Order of the SnowflakeJust One Of Us Penguins MedalOrder of the Pink Flamingo
(Ruritania)(House of Homestead)(Westarctica)(Aerican Empire(Aigues-Mortes)
The Better Weirder World MedalOrder of the Desert PalmOrder of the Golden SextantThe Double Samara OrderCastinian Order of Tekakwitha
(Aerican Empire)(Molossia)(Angyalistan)(Saint-Castin)(Saint-Castin)
Friendship MedalBad-Ass Bitch MedalOrder of the SwordKnight of the Order of the SnowflakeKnight Grand Commander of the Order of the Snowflake 
(West Who)(Obsidia)(Westarctica)(Westarctica)(Westarctica)