Heads Of State

King George 2.0 (22 Sep 2011 - Present)

His Royal Highness, King George 2.0.

Arms of King George.

King George 2.0 was placed on the throne by King Penny when she abdicated on September 22nd, 2011. Remarkably similar in many ways to King George I, King George 2.0 is a harsher, more militant, and more active King.

Born of noble blood, George 2.0 grew up with privilege and entitlement. All the best food, all the best tutors and servants. Stables full of fine stallions, a castle filled with riches, and bountiful lands as far as the eye could see. George's youth was one of tournaments, feasts and travel.

In his teens, George 2.0 inherited the noble title of Count. It was at this time that he got his first taste of real power - a thirst that could never be fully quenched. He honed his skills as a Llama Bounty Hunter before taking command of Slabovia's mighty military under the iron-fisted rule of Queen Moneca in 1992.

When King Penny abdicated in 2011, Count George was the obvious choice as her successor. Since then, he has pushed back the ASO's, turned the tide in the Cola Wars, and brought pride to the paeple.

King Penny (1 Aug 2010 - 22 Sep 2011)

Her Right Royal Highness, King Penny.

Arms of King Penny.

On August 1st, 2010, Penny Chamois, in a last-ditch effort to save the nation from the Tyranny that is Liam, usurped the throne and proclaimed herself King of Slabovia (with the endorsement of the Civil Service of course).

King Penny brought new life to the tabloids. Her reputation for extravagance, lavishness and luxury, while costing the citizens dearly at tax time, inspired the nation to new lows. Eventually, King Penny was forced to abdicate in order to avoid a scandal of Burlusconian proportions.

Her reign lasted a little over a year, during which she upheld the long-standing Slabovian tradition of apathy.

Liam The Terrible (1 Aug 2010 - 1 Aug 2010)

Liam The Terrible.

On August 1st, 2010, while King George I was conspicuously absent (engaged in affairs of state far from Slabovia's historical capital of Byetown), Liam Wall, known as Liam The Terrible, staged a coup. During a ball hosted by Lord Yarker, Liam managed to get many of Slabovia's nobles and the entire Civil Service drunk and seized power while nobody was paying attention. Liam wasted no time taking advantage of his new-found unlimited power, and proceeded to drink more, encouraging everyone else to do the same. Later that evening, Penny Chamois was drunk enough to volunteer to ascend the throne, and the Civil Service was drunk enough to support her, and thus, the tyrannical reign of Liam The Terrible came to an end.

King George I (5 Sep 1998 - 1 Aug 2010)

His Royal Highness, King George I.

Arms of King George.

Born in Kowtowtown, Slabovia on February 25th, a long time ago, he lived an unremarkable life as a child, only coming to the attention of the state in early 1998 when heraldic researchers began tracing the royal lineage in search of a King. Unable to find anyone of worthy descent, and not foolish enough to take the throne themselves, the nobles drew a name from a hat, lied to the victim about his lineage, forged the necessary documents and nominated George I as Slabovia's King-Elect.

The Civil Service staged a vote and King George I was sworn in (at) and placed on the throne on the 5th of September 1998.

The nation was in ruins at the time after Thomas St. John Esq. stripped it of its resources and treasures, all for personal gain. George I restored Slabovia to its former glory (mostly) and brought peace and happiness to the paeple (almost). Mostly by leaving them alone.

After more than a decade of peaceful rule, George I was banished into exhile by Liam the Terrible, never to be heard from again (except perhaps for some errant radio transmissions from Radio Free Slabovia somewhere in Outer Upper Silexia).

Supreme Dictator Thomas St. John, Esquire (1995 - 5 Sep 1998)

Supreme Dictator Thomas St. John.

Arms of Thomas St-John.

With strong backing from Master Puppeteer and Second-Banana (B-2) Jim Zinck, Tom St. John seized power while Queen Moneca was distracted choosing from drape swatches for the palace. The Dictator's strict, 3-year rule was characterized by frequent tax increases, lavish parties, and mandatory tap-tango lessons for everyone.

Rankin MacGillivray and George Bragg, Joint Heads of State (1995)

Queen Moneca I (1989 - 1995)

Arms of Queen Moneca.

Dictator-Elect Rankin MacGillivray (1989)

Moneca Blackwell, High Priestess of Evan and Wu (1989)

Queen Justine Verneau (1989)

Arms of Queen Justine.

Queen Moneca I (1988 - 1989)

Arms of Queen Moneca.

Governor Thomas St. John, Esquire (1984 - 1988)

Arms of Thomas St-John.