State Security

State Security Services

Internal security (read: oppression) and foreign espionage (read: spying) are the two main focal points of the Slabovian State Security machine. In the early days, this was accomplished by the Nott's So Secret Service (SNSSS), under the direction of Chris Nott. This agency was so secret that no official records exist. There are no known photos of Mr. Nott. In fact, some speculate that he does not exist and that his identity was used as a front while the sinister puppet-masters of SNSSS waged clandestine war in the shadows.
With the adoption of the constitution and a more open government under King George I, shadow agencies like the Nott's So Secret Service could no longer thrive and survive. Mr. Nott disappeared, and the Nott's So Secret Service was replaced by the New Organization of Slabovian Spies (NO SS). The NO SS experienced unprecedented recruiting levels (of course they were unprecedented, they didn't exist before then) and began to spy the daylights out of everybody and everything, employing many assets (both Slabovian and non-Slabovian). Like the Nott's So Secret Service, the New Organization of Slabovian Spies was chartered for both domestic and foreign activities. Liaisons were established between the NO SS and Navel Intelligence such that information could be more readily leaked by either party, thereby aiding the many threats to Slabovian Sovereignty and justifying everybody's jobs. The NO SS is still operational today. The names of its many operatives and leaders are of course classified.
Another lesser-known agency also operates within Slabovia's intelligence community: Slabovia's Impossible Mission force. The Slabovian Impossible Mission Planning with Lousy Execution (SIMPLE) force was established by King Penny in 2011. The aim of this ultra-secret agency is the wanton sacrifice of as many good agents and assets as possible with the greatest amount of expense and collatoral damage. The spirit and mandate of SIMPLE is still upheld today under King George II, perhaps moreso given his zeal when it comes to killing things and blowing things up.

To apply to work for Slabovian State Security Services, please recite your resume into your lamp shade and wait.
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