Navey (sic) of the United Slabovian Empire (NoUSE)

Navey Coat of Arms

The Royal Slabovian Navey is an organization with a long and proud tradition. In keeping with Slaboviaís standards of inefficiency and chaos, the Navey has opted to disregard the typical navel rank structure, going only with officers (no enlisted men) to ensure a top-heavy environment. Trusting that the Slabovian High Command is issuing directives that meet the Nationís standards of inefficiency, the Navey seeks to carry out these missions as efficiently as possible to ensure maximum inefficiency in the big picture (as inefficiency on a small scale, may actually serve to reduce the inefficiency of the master plan). IE maximum success of the already inherently inefficient plan.

The Planning Institute of the Navey (PIN)

This institute is headed by three officers (PINHEADS) appointed by the Lord High Admiral. Its purpose is to advise the Lord High Admiral on all matters relating to Navel policies and activities. In practice, the Lord High Admiral very rarely disregards or goes against the advice of the PINHEADS. The current three PINHEADS are: Admiral Dosenbach, Vice Admiral Goddard, and Fleet Admiral MacGillivray.

The Fleet

The Slabovian Land Yacht Fleet is made up of ten types of ships, subdivided by class, arranged in two primary fleets: The Incontinental Fleet under the command of CINCINC, and the Specific Fleet under the command of CINCSPEC. Slabovia's Space Forces are grouped in the BARFLEET (Bragg's Artemis Resources Fleet) under the command of BARFCINC.



Unit assignments (postings) are recommended by Unit Commanders and approved by the Lord High Admiral. Unlike most Naveys, ships are not considered units. Officers are frequently called away to sea but their unit assignment does not change. They resume their unit responsibilities upon return.


Promotions may be recommended by any officer (in fact, an officer may be self-recommended) and must be approved by the Lord High Admiral. Promotion should be based on a combination of time at current rank as well as individual merit. Under exceptional circumstances (during a battle or during an operation) if the candidate is exceptional, a Captain or Admiral may grant field promotions. Upon recruitment, the Lord High Admiral will consider the candidateís previous experience and history, and may grant a commission greater than the normal starting commission of Ensign. Or (s)he may not. Candidates should expect consideration for promotion after five years of unblemished service.

Orders, Campaign Medals, and Decorations

Orders are awarded by the Chancellory of Slabovia under the advice of the Lord High Admiral, or the Head of State in accordance with the awarding criteria. Campaign Medals are created and awarded by the Chancellory of Slabovia under the advice of the Lord High Admiral to recognize officers for their participation in significant operations, or campaigns. Decorations are awarded by the Lord High Admiral to recognize officers for something or other as defined by each decoration. Clasps (a silver rosette for example) may be added to a ribbon to denote additional awardings of the same order, campaign medal, or decoration. A Gold Dooey may be added to a ribbon (at the discretion of the Chancellory of Slabovia) to denote special service, mention in dispatches, or extreme bravery.

Rank Insignia of the Slabovian Navey

Rank Structure

From the top down, the rank structure of the Slabovian Navey is as follows:

Commander in Chief/Lord High AdmiralCIC/LHAdm
Vice AdmiralVAdm
Fleet AdmiralFAdm
Senior Officers:
Lieutenant CommanderLCdr
Junior Officers:
Lieutenant Junior GradeLt(JG)
Cadet (age 9-13)Cdt