Approved Insignia

When wearing the dress shirt, the following insignia is required:
issued rank slip-ons (both shoulders), undress ribbons (left breast) and specially approved insignia (see below).

When wearing the Navel windbreaker, the following insignia is required:
USE crest or Slabovian flag (left shoulder) and issued rank slip-ons.

USE PatchSlabovian Flag Patch

When wearing the wooley-pulley, the following insignia is required:
issued rank slip-ons (both shoulders).

When wearing the Tropical bush jacket, the following insignia is required:
shoulder boards (both shoulders), undress ribbons or full medals (left breast).

Optional insignia for the shirt includes name tag (black plastic with white text – right breast).

Optional insignia for the Navel windbreaker includes name tag (gold text on black – right breast), ship’s crest (right shoulder), mission or unit patch (left breast) and qualification badge (lower right sleeve). Additional approved patches (see below) may also be worn on the windbreaker.

Optional insignia for mess dress and the tropical bush jacket includes specially approved insignia (see below), and foreign honours (right breast)

When wearing full medals, the officer may choose to wear all awarded medals, none of his/her awarded medals, or a representative number at his/her discretion.

Special insignia (wings, qualification badges, aguillettes, lanyards, etc) may be approved for use by the Chancellor or The Lord High Admiral. Also, Slabovian Nobles are entitled to wear an additional insignia or accoutrement unique to them as a means of distinguishing themselves as nobility if they so choose.

Medals awarded by foreign nations that have been recognized by the Government of Slabovia may be worn at the discretion of the recipient on the right breast with Tropical Dress and Mess Dress. Such foreign honours may be approved for wear on duty dress or service dress at the discretion of fleet, task force or mission (campaign) commanders when deemed appropriate - most notably when the recipient of those honours are likely to be in the presence of the head of state of the nation that issued the honour.


Palm Pilot Wings (left breast, above ribbons)SPACE CADET Badge (left breast pocket)Chairborne Wings (left breast, above ribbons)Gunboat Wings (left breast, above ribbons)Audi Experience Wings (left breast, above ribbons)
For those especially geeky gizmo guysStarship command qualificationThose who can't do...Gunboat (motorcycle) command qualificationFor completion of the "Audi Experience" course
Silver Llama Pin (right breast pocket)Drone Pilot Wings (left breast, above ribbons)Horse's Ass Wings (left breast, above ribbons)Space Cadet Wings
For those who attended the Llama Sensitivity Training CourseIssued to Qualified Drone PilotsSelf-explanatoryFar out man


TOP SNOTTOP SNOT InstructorMicroCon 2019
Issued to TOP SNOT Trophy WinnersWorn by TOP SNOT InstructorsIssued to participants of MC2019
FIGHTER ACECoronial Warrior 2020Anti-Squirrel Task Force
Awarded to BARFLEET fighter pilots after 50 confirmed killsWorn by BARFLEET officers who fought in the Coronial WarsWorn by members of the Micronational Anti-Squirrel Task Force


Head of State of SlaboviaPurple sash
Chancellor of SlaboviaChancellor's chain of office
Duke of URLThe Duke-stache
Duchess of URLTreasurer's Key
Contessa of Upper SlaboviaAnello con brilliante (ring)
Baroness of MarsMartian Crown
The Lord High AdmiralGold braid lanyard with two tassels (right shoulder)
Kommandant, USMCMaroon braid lanyard with one big honkin' tassel (right shoulder)
Commandant, Cadet CorpsGreen and gold braid lanyard, thin (right shoulder)