Gnusweek's Managing Editor Karen Michiels-Mason

Slabovia's Source For Unreliable News

Gnusweek is not a government propaganda machine. Gnusweek is Slabovia's weekly news magazine, bringing you all the latest unbiased, uncensored, unedited, unaldulterated news. Not propaganda. No Government influence is applied here.
Karen Michiels-Mason has been the Managing Editor of Gnusweek since 1995 when the Gnusweek corporate offices were relocated to the Land of Fruits and Nuts (emphasis on the nuts) and its original Managing Editor was executed for failing to publish what the Government told him to. Oh, and did we mention that Gnusweek receives no Government funding whatsoever and does not bend to the will of the Civil Service's Department of Propaganda?

Covers of past issues

Aug 1987 Something DiffrentSep 1987 TEALSMay 1988 LegalFeb 1989 Boersma
Apr 1990 Paul QuinnMay 1993 McNicollJan 1994 Global WarmingOct 1994 The Cube
Nov 1994 MarsMay 1995 DictatorJun 1998 Top-GunJun 1999 Nucular
Sep 2008 ErrorDec 2008 Deli-LlamaApr 2009 Hoover-DamitesJan 2010 Llama
Feb 2010 ASOAug 2010 Llama-SutraJan 2014 Falling CowJun 2020 Micro