Coat Of Arms Of Slabovia

Modern Arms of SlaboviaAncient Arms of Slabovia


The Slabovian Coat of Arms consists of the Escutcheon, supporters, crest, wreath, crown, and motto.

The Escutcheon contains six tinctures bordured or as follows:

In chief, gules, a Coca-Cola wave argent.
In fesse, quarterly:
-Purpure, a mailed guantlet argent, clenching a rock hammer proper;
-Argent, a rotary telephone gules;
-Sable, a piece of paper sable charged with the motto REDUNDANCY REDUNDANCY sable, contained within a file folder sable, contained within a filing cabinet sable,contained within a room non-illuminata;
-Gules, an ack face sable.
In base, purpure, mostly sinister, a grid plane argent.

The escutcheon is borne by two supporters - both Llamas. One argent a dexter; the other purpure a sinister.

Above the escutcheon, upon a wreath argent and purpure, the Crest: A winged turtle proper.

Adjunct to the escutcheon, in chief, the crown of Queen Moneca I, or.

Adjunct to the escutcheon, in base, a scroll purpure edged or, charged with the motto POST HOC ERGO PROPTER HOC, or.

Below all, the text SLABOVIA.


Represented in the escutcheon, are the primary influences and founders of Slabovia. The Coca-Cola wave is symbolic of the ever powerful influence of the Company. The mailed Guantlet clutching a rock hammer representative of Count George (the Hammer of Poughkeepsie) having forged Slabovia in the beginning. The red phone acknowledges the element of communication and organization established by Rankin MacGillivray in the early days. The black square (actually "Redundancy redundancy" typed in black ink on a black piece of paper, in a black file folder, in a black filing cabinet, in a dark room) symbolizes the element of chaos and confusion and disorder brought to Slabovia (and enforced) by David Yarker and The Slabovian Civil Service. The Ack Face represents the sum contribution of Patrick Goddard to Slabovia, and mirrors the general opinion held by the rest of the world towards Slabovia. The silver grid plane is an established symbol within Slabovia denoting Cyberspace or Cyberland, in which Slabovia exists and thrives.

The escutcheon is supported by two llamas, one each of Slabovia's two official colours.

The crest is that of a winged turtle, acknowledging the assistance of the Turtle Patrol in re-establishing Slabovia during and after World Bore One.

The crown represents the crowning achievements of Queen Moneca I, and her contribution to all that is Slabovia.