Slabovian Navel Aviator Instructional Learning School (SNAILS)

Unofficial SNAILS patch

The Slabovian Navel Aviator Instructive Learning School was established in January of 2017 by Lord High Admiral George Bragg, KON, etc etc in an effort to ensure that the Navey's drone pilot skills were uniformly bad. Prior to 2017, with no standards, guidelines, or training, drone pilots were relying on their own individual talents for courting disaster, and this was clearly not sufficient. According the the Lord High Admiral, "To be really bad at something, you just can't count on bad luck. Piss-poor flying has to be learned."

Navel Aviators in action.

Navel Aviator Wings.

The self-guided course of whatever duration the pilot-candidate wants, is extremely demanding and intense. It involves immense amounts of reading (which unfortunately is a barrier to entry to most Slabovian Navey officers), self study, and flight practice. Oh, and due to budget cuts, pilots are required to provide their own drones.

Pilots practice frequently on their own time in unsupervised, unregulated environments until such time as they are ready for their flight test. They must also pass a carefully-crafted, knowledge-testing written examination based on study materials before being eligible for a flight test. The flight test is performed using the pilot's own drone, and lasts approximately as long as the battery life of the drone. Candidates who fail either the written examination or the flight test are permitted to retake either test over and over again ad nauseum until such time as they pass (because the examiner can't take it anymore) or give up.

SNAILS Graduates, class of 2017

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