Slabovian Statutory Holidays

Slabovia DayJanuary 14thFirst Constitution Adopted
Jack the Riper DayFebruary 1st 
Mars DayFebruary 2ndSlabovia stakes first claim on Mars in 1999
Slabovian Rules Chess DayFebruary 9th
All Numpties DayFebruary 25thKing George's Birthday
Arms DayFebruary 27thCoat of Arms Adopted
Justine DayMarch 2ndQueen Justine Coronated
Moneca DayMarch 4thQueen Moneca Self-Corontation
Neon Turtle DayMarch 5thCommemmorating the rise of the Neon Turtles
Shit Umbrella DayMarch 24th 
Evan & Wu DayApril 1st 
Black FridayApril 19thThe day they changed the Coca-Cola Formula in 1985 (without even checking with us)
Bartholomew Festival DayMay 1st 
St. John DayMay 20th 
Scaffolding DayMay 24th 
Gun Tape Fixes Everything DayJune 29th 
Old Slabovia DayJuly 1st 
Nicola Tesla DayJuly 9th 
Hoover DayAugust 10th 
George DaySeptember 5thKing George Coronated
Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You DaySeptember 19th 
Monty Python DayOctober 5th 
Slabovian New Year'sOctober 12th 
Lightbulb DayNovermber 1st 
Sadie Hawkins DayNovember 2nd 
Independence DayNovember 26th 
King Penny DayNovember 27thKing Penny's Birthday
International Day of NOSEDecember 26th 
Dead Paeple Appreciation DayDecember 27th