Slabovian Stock Exchange

SSEX Rules of Engagement

  1. Stocks are administered and controlled by the Bank Of Slabovia. All decisions are final.
  2. The Bank will post regularly (or not) an index of the value of shares.
  3. A share is one percent ownership in a company.
  4. Share values are listed as BUCs (Base Unit of Currency). An exchange rate between BUCs and the New Llama (Ł) and the Tesla (T) will also be posted.
  5. Company decisions to sell (or regarding company operations) must be quarate (must have a quorum). A quorum shall consist of 60% of the share ownership and a minimum of three paeple (except where the company is owned by less than three paeple).
  6. Only the military is missing point six.
  7. All transactions (sales/purchases/trades/gifts/favours) must be processed through the Bank of Slabovia. The Bank must be notified by both parties in order to complete the transaction.

Companies Trading SSEX

Paul Quinn International ExterminationsPQIPatrick Feuerherm (CEO)100
The R&R AssociationR&RRankin MacGillivray (CEO)78
  Current Head of State22
The Llama Skins Recycling Corp.LSRGerald Boersma47
  The O’Donald’s Corp. (CEO)53
The Llama Self-Defence ClinicLSDJames Farrow27
  The O’Donald’s Corp (CEO)46
Llama Handguns Inc.LHIThe Llama Self-Defence Clinic (CEO)87
  George Bragg5
  Rankin MacGillivray4
  Patrick Feuerherm4
Guns R UsGRUGeorge Bragg (CEO)98
The O’Donald’s CorpODCC.E. O’Donald (CEO)27
  Tiny Bubbles Inc.10
  Stephen Clarke18
  Duncan Morgan5
  Mike Dosenbach10
  Rankin MacGillivray8
The Force Inc. (Gun Tape Mfg)TFIKeith Oelrich87
  Rankin MacGillivray75
  Stephen Clarke69
  Mike Dosenbach42
  Dan Munn41
  David Yarker168
  Patrick Goddard75
  Paul Robillard37
  Ken Robertson (next of Ken)59
  George Bragg219
  Duncan Morgan (CEO)438
  Eric Jacksch32
  David Lavictoire28
The Slabovian News AgencySNAKaren Michiels-Mason (CEO)84
  The R&R Association10
  David Yarker6
GnusweekGNUKaren Michiels-Mason49
  SlabEx (CEO)51
The Rational InquirerRIQPenny Chamois (CEO)86
  Karen Michiels-Mason14
Slabovian Express (SlabEX)SEXThe O’Donald’s Corp37
  David Yarker (CEO)42
  Stephen Clarke15
  Mutual of Slabovia6
The Lord Yarker HotelLYHDavid Yarker1
  Cathy Yarker (CEO)99
Jacksch-It PastaJIPEric Jacksch (CEO)94
The Slabovian Film AgencySFAUSMC35
  Mutual of Slabovia29
  Paul Robillard (CEO)36
TimeMasterTMRCaptain Pat18
  ASO’s (CEO)82
Short ‘em, Burn ‘em and Snow’emSBSTonia Snow (CEO)100
Balastik Miscellaneous Inc.BMIMonica Ballastik (CEO)98
Rollem, Jobfee, Moron and FeznerdRJMPatrick Goddard21
  Rankin MacGillivray18
  Woody Allen (CEO)61
Mutual of SlaboviaMOSDavid Lavictoire (CEO)23
  Keith Oelrich14
  Paul Robillard12
  Ken Robertson (next of Ken)8
  Marcus Dostie7
  Eric Jacksch4
  Bill T. Cat1
  The Lord Yarker Hotel1
  Rankin MacGillivray1
  Rollem, Jobfee, Moron & Feznerd1
XeromemXERCaptain Pat (CEO)67
  Stephen Clarke4
  Rankin MacGillivray12
  Paul Robillard9
  Duncan Morgan8
Tiny Bubbles Inc.TBIMarcus Dostie (CEO)100
McNicoll and Dime Inc.MNDPenny Chamois (CEO)72
  George Bragg12
  Rankin MacGillivray16
United Slabovian Maroon CorpsSMCDan Munn (CEO)30
  George Bragg12
  Rankin MacGillivray6
  Stephen Clarke10
  Patrick Goddard1
  Mike Dosenbach5
  Keith Oelrich13
  Cathy Yarker14
  Mutual of Slabovia21