The system of government in Slavovia is a constitutional monarchy. The King is the Head of State, and the various ministries and departments are headed by members of the nobility as appointed by the King. This constitutes the "Royal Council". The Chancellor is considered to be the Head of Government, akin to a Prime Minister.

Government Ministries and Departments

Ministry of the Interior Ministry of War Ministry of Finance
Stephen Clarke, Duke of URL George C. Bragg, King & Commander in Chief Gillian Tuckey, Duchess of URL
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration Ministry of Making Merriment (MMM)
Rankin MacGillivray, Baron of Mars Alexandra MacGillivray, Baroness of Mars Penny Chamois, Contessa of Upper Slabovia
Slabovian Civil Service Office of the Chancellor 
Dave Yarker, Lord of Byetown Rankin MacGillivray, Baron of Mars