Slabovia's Nobility is comprised of five ranks as follows:

Title (M)Title (F)Written form of addressVerbal address
DukeDuchessHis/Her GraceYour Grace
BaronBaronessHis Lordship/Her LadyshipLord/Lady
LordLadyHis Lordship/Her LadyshipLord/Lady
KnightKnightHis Lordship/Her LadyshipSir/Dame

Meet the Current Slabovian Nobles

Stephen Clarke, Duke of URL and Crown Prince of Slabovia

The Duke of URL, Crown Prince of Slabovia.

Arms of the Duke of URL

Penny Chamois, Contessa of Upper Slabovia

The Contessa of Upper Slabovia.

Arms of the Contessa of Upper Slabovia

Rankin MacGillivray, Chancellor and Baron of Mars

His Excellency, the Baron of Mars.

Arms of the Baron of Mars

David Yarker, Lord of Byetown

Arms of the Lord of Byetown

Sir Bob Emery

Sir Bob of Klaatu.

Arms of Sir Bob of Klaatu

Bob Emery has been a Slabovian citizen since the mid-1980's. He always marched to a different drum than everybody else (in this case, his own drum), sharing his most peculiar sense of humour with the rest of the nation. Sir Bob received a Knighthood for Science and Mathematics for his discovery of bleem, a number between six and seven. The square-root of forty-two to be precise. This astounding breakthrough revolutionized mathematics.

Sir Bob passed away in April of 2013. He is sorely missed.