Friendship Medal


Slabovia's Friendship Medal is awarded to non-citizens who, through words and/or deeds have shown themselves to be a true friend of Slabovia.

Designed by the Chancellor and approved by King George II in July 2019.

Awarded to:
Carl Lehman (July 2019)
Eric Lis, Emperor of the Aerican Empire (July 2019)
Travis McHenry, Grand Duke of Westarctica (July 2019
Olivier Touzeau, Emperor of Angyalistan (July 2019)
Sophie LePage (July 2019)
Carolyn Shelby, Queen of Ladonia (Aug 2022)
Karo Lyn, Grand Marshal, Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia (Aug 2022)
John Farr, President of West Who (Aug 2022)
Alexis Baugh, Chief Constable, Molossia (Aug 2022)
Katie Bellis-Miller, Molossia (Aug 2022)
Jonathan Miller, Commodore, Molossia (Aug 2022)
Julie Houston, Ruritania (Aug 2022)
William Soergel, Sandus (Sep 2022)