MC 19


MC19 MedalMC19 Medal (Silver)MC19 RibbonMC19 Ribbon with silver crownMC19 Ribbon with gold crown

July 2018 - July 2019 Mission: To host the micronations of the world at the third biennial MicroCon conference.

Awarded to Slabovian Citizens who participated as delegates or staff in MicroCon 2019. Silver medal, and silver crown ribbon device denotes a member of the organizing committee. Gold crown ribbon device denotes mention in dispatches.

Designed by the Chancellor and approved by King George II in August 2018.

Awarded to:
Bragg, George (Silver with silver crown)
Bragg, Lynne (Silver with silver crown)
Chamois, Penny
Clarke, Kinsey
Clarke, Stephen (Silver with silver crown)
Goddard, Patrick (with gold crown)
MacGillivray, Alexandra (Silver with silver crown)
MacGillivray, Rankin (Silver with silver crown)
MacGillivray, Spencer
Mercer, Christopher
Mercer, Janet
Munn, Dan
Robillard, Paul
Tuckey, Gillian (Silver with silver crown)