The Order of Slabovia is awarded annually (if a suitable candidate exists) for extraordinary service to Slabovia, or to extraordinary friends of Slabovia, at the sole discretion of the Crown. Nominations may be made by any citizen; such nominations are vetted and recommended by the Chancellor.
Designed by the Chancellor and approved by King George I in September 2000.

Awarded to:
Clarke, Stephen (2000)
Bragg, George (2011)
MacGillivray, Rankin (2014)
Kevin Baugh, President of Molossia (2015 - presented at MicroCon 2017)
Anastasia, Queen of Ruritania (2017)
Jean-Pierre IV, Prince of Aigues-Mortes (2018 - presented at MicroCon 2019)
Patrick Goddard (2019)
Dave Yarker (2021)
Travis McHenry, Grand Duke of Westarctica (2022)
Carolyn Shelby, Queen of Ladonia (2023)