TVS 1998 Fall Season


News, Current Events & Sports

42/42 - investigative journalism at its lowest. With Dan K.
Morning Sickness - this is your wake up call! With Dunc & Pat.
Repulse News - your 6:00 daily news with Harvey Podzinski.
It’s Too Late Too Care - your 11:00 news, plus talk and entertainment.
Fashionation - with Penny C.
Music to Your Stomach - videos & reviews
Monday Night Chess - Slabovian Rules Chess!
Wild World of Pain - full coverage of the 1998 Obstacle Golf season. Plus Hamsterball Polo; target spitting; Krazy Karpet; synchronized snoring; Landmine Rugby.


Fools Diaries - the continuing award-winning WBI drama.
Snipers - we’re still following Coke Snipers through the mean streets of etc.
Bore of the Worlds - science fiction. A race of alien snail overlords takes over the planet.
Cocked, Locked & Ready To Rock - Hyper-realistic Maroon drama.
Byetown Mope - young doctors in angst.
Malley McDeal - young lawyers in angst. Featuring the dancing gerbil.
The Ex-Filed - science fiction. Civil service employees find documents.
Billennium - science fiction. Explore the twisted world of P* drinkers through their own eyes.
Countdown - science fiction. The dark intrigues of Slabovian vampires.

Comedy & Family

The Efficients - now in its 42nd season!
Upstairs Upstairs - a new season at the Lord Yarker Hotel.
Honey I Ate The Kids - science and cannibalism - yummy!
Satan Rules - how-to.
Urges in my Areas - funny homeless people! Who knew?
A Charlie Brown Day Job - the grown-up adventures of the Peanuts Gang! (not for children)
Shirking - civil “service” comedy.
Suddenly SUZIE - the misadventures of a terrorist mannequin.
YOU MUST SHUT UP! - sketch comedy from Montsurreal.


The Kare Kows
The Llamanator
Paeple in Purple

Documentaries & Features

B for Victory - examines the civilian support of Beers during World Bore One.
A Darker Shade of TEALS - we return to Lahr Senior 4 years after the evacuation.
The Ginormous - winner of 42 Academic Awards!
Methyl Weapon 42 - the sequel.
The Awful Monty - hilarity in the industrial wastelands of the north! (lots & lots of nudity)


Paws - puppy’s in the water - where are you?
Too Close Encounters of the 42nd Kind - peaceful aliens land on earth for a barbecue...
P.G. the Extra-Terrestrial - Capt. Pat is brought to the suburbs. Awwwwww....
Braiders of the Lost Dark - the first of the Iowa Smith movies!
Iowa Smith and the Temple of Goons - the second Iowa Smith movie!
Iowa Smith and the Last Sequel - the last Iowa Smith movie!
The Purple Color - beats its subject and characters to death.
Mallways - when a fire erupts in the mall, can love be far behind?
Swindler’s List - when a concentration camp practical joke goes wrong, look out!
Hamistad - bad period actors put on trial - an American Tragedy.
Saving Private Rye and Seven - alcoholic cameramen swerve through the beaches of Normaldy.\\