TVS 1997 Fall Season

TV Slabovia 1997 Fall Season

Dog’s Breakfast - The TV Morning News and more with Rosco the Wonder Dog.
Half Baked - Unbalance your diet in under 30 minutes with Nacnud Nagrom.
Mea Stupid - Sketch comedy and agitprop guerilla theatre live from Llamatown.
Wild World of Pain - Coverage of the full-contact euchre season. Plus Slabovian Rules Chess Championship.
Snipers - Follow Slabovia’s most dedicated Coke Snipers through the mean streets of Montsurreal.
Point Six - drama/intrigue.
Fools Diaries - WBI drama. Based on a true story.
Suds - Soap opera imported from Beers.
Ask the Dramaturg - with Dr. Jimmy.
Upstairs Upstairs - The frantic antics of the Lord Yarker Hotel and its zany staff.

Half-Naked Brunch
The Bird? - A classic of Slabovian Film Violet.
A Star is Bjorn (Abba: The Early Years)
Paeple in Purple
Air Force 42

Scaffold Party
Repercussion Cult: Nude Nude Nude
Ghoti is Strange
The Fritzi Line
Captain Pat Makes Tracks