School Of Bio-Mixology And Recreational Drinking

School of Bio-Mixology and Recreational Drinking

Department of Beer (Sponsored by the Kingdom of Beers)

  • B.A.
    • Consume 12, 12oz beer of at least 5% abv in 12 consecutive hours, by mouth
  • M.A.
    • Consume 24, 12oz beer of at least 5% abv in 24 consecutive hours, by mouth
  • PhD
    • Consume 36, 12oz beer of at least 5% abv in 36 consecutive hours, by mouth

Department Liver Embalmination

  • History of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
  • The Green Fairy and her Absinths
  • Eq-wine, swizzle sticks and Champagne on the Bit
  • Aldebaran Whiskey and other hard to find beverages
  • Abbott's Miter to Zyzafire Shots: a compendium of Slabovian Cocktails

Department of Liquid Divination

  • Gurly Drinks for all Genders
  • Blenders, Barrels and Boxes of Death
  • Whiskey Business in the Cellary
  • Tequila Mockingbird and Rum Diaryah
  • Hopping for a Cleaner Hangover

Department of Molecular Mixology

  • Firewater or Aqua-vitae
  • Spherification, Emulsification and Suspension (Video demonstration required for completion)
  • The Ultimate Cocktail: Foam, Spray or Gel?
  • Technique vs proof: Which is more important?