Paul Robillard


1993Joins the Navey; assumes command of USS Antoine
1994Awarded CRIPES (locking keys in car twice in one day)
 USS Antoine lost
 Awarded HIRTS (eyelashes)
1995Operation SINK ME; awarded SINKME (Queen's Dispatch); field promotion to Lt
 Posted to EMU, Byetown
1996Exercise CARBINGE
 Posted to SUPER, Byetown
1998Operation STUD FINDER
 2nd Annual Regressional Convention
 Awarded EFFORT
2000Operation GILDED CAGE; awarded GC
 Promoted to LCdr
2003Posted to Op Ctr, Llamatown
 Assumes command of USS Appalling
 USS Appalling lost
2004Operation BEYOND OUR KEN; awarded PhD
 Assumes command of USS Hornet's Nest
 USS Hornet's Nest lost
 Assumes command of USS Fruitfly
 USS Fruitfly lost
 Posted to NERDS
2007Operation WIND-UP, awarded WINDUP
2011Served aboard USS King Penny
 Completed Llama sensitivity training
2013Qualified for Starship command (SCAM)
 Issued SPACE CADET badge
 Promoted to Cdr
2014Attended the 5th Annual Regressional Convention
 Awarded second CRIPES (anchor clasp)
2015Awarded ARTEMIS
 Trophy Winner (Nav) at TOP SNOT 2015
 Awarded third CRIPES (2 anchor clasps)
2019Attended MicroCon 2019, Awarded MC19
 Awarded the Better, Weirder World Medal (Aerican Empire)
2020Designated Coronial Warrior
2021Awarded Knight of the Order of the Dancing Dragons (Obscurium)