Ken Robertson


1988Joins the Navey TEALS
 Commands USS Golf Crisis
1991Posted to S10, Byetown; promoted to Lt(JG); awarded TEALS
1992Operation PHREDERICTON DRIVE II; awarded PhD
1994Operation WHITE FLAG; awarded CEF and BA(4); promoted to Lt
1995Liaison Officer, NOSE
1996SSO SOB Nude Bunswich
 Awarded EFFORT
1997Assumes command of USS Reginod
 Operation PINNACLE
1998Operation STUD FINDER
 Operation DOOR PRIZE
 2nd Annual Regressional Convention; awarded E
 Court Martialled and found guilty, sentence suspended
1999Assumes command of USS Fuzzy Boxers
 Operation RINGER
2000Operation GILDED CAGE; awarded GC (with silver star for Mars EVA)
 Promoted to LCdr; posted to NAVELINT
2004KIA; awarded HIRTS, RUC posthumously (RUC named in his honour)