Faculty Of Spacefunkiotronological-jingalatronikczabraphonics

Faculty of Spacefunkiotronological-jingalatronikczabraphonics

Basic B.Funk Course Load:

  • Applied Czabraphonics
  • Funky Estimating for Engineers
  • Putting the "Funk" back in "Spacefunkiotronological-jingalatronikczabraphonics"

Department of Basic Hand Tool Theory

  • The Phonetics of Grunting, Groaning, and Pain Suppression
  • The Modern Persuader
  • Home Hints for the Handyman
  • Toughness: A Modern Social Disease
  • Action/Reacton 101

Department of Hard Hat Haute-Couture

  • Universal and Non-Universal Colour-Coding Systems
  • Durability Testing (Lab)
  • High-Visibility Supervisors
  • Embellishment, Adornment, or Decoration?
  • Chin Strap?
  • Management Effectiveness and the Hard Hat
  • Conveying Confidence through a Floral Pattern
  • Strong yet Attractive
  • History of Hard Hat Haute-Couture

Department of Navel Architecture

  • Lint Distribution and Replenishment
  • To Pierce or Not To Pierce
  • Exposition Ethics
  • Interior Decorating
  • Exterior Decorating (As Applicable)
  • NCC (Navel Construction Contract) Coding

Department of Equipment and Technology Design

  • Applied Rocket Science
  • Making it Work
  • Flaw or Design Feature?
  • Futzing 101 (Lab)
  • Bugging out the Works

Department of Temporal Integration

  • Applied Temporal Macronomics
  • An Assessment of Modern "Time-Saving" Devices
  • When Are You?

Department of Cactus Transformations

  • The Magic Wand
  • Application of Known CT Safeties
  • The Attack Cactus
  • CT Ethics
  • Innovations in CT Prevention

Department of "Kitsch"en Appliance Networking

  • AI and the Kitchen Appliance
  • Applied Appliance Psychology
  • Software Integration
  • "TM" a Programmer's Language
  • Garden Gnomes and Swiss Cooking