Faculty Of Arts Bachelor Of Arts

Faculty of Arts

Basic B.A. Course Load:

  • Basket Weaving 101

Department of Uneducation (Chair: I.F. Alzheimers)

  • Propagandization 101
  • Brain-Washing 101
  • Hypnosis and Mind Control

Department of B.S.

  • (See: Faculty of Stupidity)

Department of Inventive Journalism

  • Interprative Misquoting 101
  • Necessatative Truth-Altering
  • "The Source"
  • Action/Reaction in Journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • Hype Mongering
  • Picture Nursing and Doctoring
  • Mass Manipulation and Hypnosis (requries TA work with Uneducation Department)

Department of Creative History

  • The Formative Historical Process
  • Shakespearean Articulation
  • Improvisation, Exageration and Prevarication
  • Fact Prestidigitation

Department of Ghoti

  • Phish Fonics
  • Sturgeon in Tonic
  • The Zen Aquarium
  • Spawning Surrealism
  • The Red Herring
  • Being Shellfish

Department of Llamanic Studies

  • The Llama in Society
  • Llamanic depression syndrome
  • Life Under the Dhali-llama
  • Spit Etiquette
  • Heliotropic Tail Ornamentation

Department of Spam Quizeen

  • Spam Dynamics
  • Classification of Uncannyability
  • Non-abhorent Fluke Preparation

Department of Interprative Bridge Building

  • Choosing Common Natural Resonance Frequencies
  • Suspension of Disbeliefs
  • The Hydrogen Connection
  • NCC (Nasal Construction Contract) Coding
  • Spamming the Gap

Department of Unanimous Non-conformity

  • Being the Same as People who are Different
  • Voting Against Democracy
  • Quasimodo is a Person in Your Neighbourhood

Department of Wheelbarrow Ethics

  • The Wheelbarrow in Whale Reproduction?
  • Congenial Hernias
  • The G to F of Wheelbarrow Ethics