Mike Dosenbach


1984Ens, Farmington Hills, Michigan
1987Posted to Stressbourg, France (IOFF); Awarded IOFF
1988Posted to Michigan, promoted to Lt(JG); mission classified
1989Exercise DETRAIN
 Promoted to Lt, posted to Ann Arbor
 Operation WOLVERINE; promoted to LCdr; awarded AA
1990Regressional Convention
1991Commands USS Collision
 Operation PHREDERICTON DRIVE, task force commander; awarded PhD
1992Pilgrimage to Mecca; awarded CZ; promoted to Cdr
 Assumes command of USS Blueprint
 Operation PHREDERICTON DRIVE II, task force commander; awarded PhD(2)
 Operation REPAT; awarded REPAT
1993Posted to Lost Wages
1994Operation VACUUM; awarded VEGAS; promoted to Capt
 Operation WHITE FLAG; awarded CEF
1995Posted to SUCKUPS in Sam Frog's Disco
 Assumes command of the USS Guiness
 Operation SINK ME; commands USS Byetown, USS Bloop, USS Tin Can (Fleet W commander; awarded SINKME (with dooey)
1996Acting CICCFUSE
 Appointed Head SSHIT
 Awarded EFFORT
1998Promoted to FAdm
2000Operation GILDED CAGE; commands GC Task Force; awarded GC
 3rd Annual Regressional Convention
2004Promoted to VAdm
2011Promoted to Adm
2013Awarded the Specific Star
2015Attended TOP SNOT 2015