George Bragg

CICCFUSE/Lord High Admiral

1984Joins the Navey in LBGEF
1987Promoted to Lt; posted to Byetown and assigned to ITBV
1989Commands FOOLS, promoted to LCdr
 Awarded CM
 Promoted to Cdr; made a Count, KON
 Regressional Convention
1991Operation BLUEBIRD, commands USS Robert Kerr
 Operation GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY; promoted to Capt
1992Posted to Powell St.; promoted to Adm; awarded FOOLS
1994Posted to Kowtowtown; appointed CICCFUSE and promoted to Lord High Admiral
 Awarded IB
1996Exercise CARBINGE
 Appointed PINHEAD
 Awarded EFFORT
19982nd Annual Regressional Convention; crowned King; Awarded E and X (the Make George Cross)
1999Opration SNOW BALL
 Operation BLACK FLAG
20003rd Annual Regressional Convention
2010Overthrown and sent into exhile
2011Reinstated on the throne
 Awarded KP
 Awarded SO
2012Formed BARFLEET, self-appointed BARFCINC
2013Qualified for Starship command (SCAM)
 Issued SPACE CADET badge
 Issued Chairborne wings
 Awarded the BARStar
 Awarded ARTEMIS
2014Attended 5th Annual Regressional Convention
2015Attended Microcon
 Knighted by Queen Anastasia of Ruritania into the Order of King Henry the Lion
 Attended TOP SNOT 2015
 Awarded the Incontinental Fleet Star and the Specific Star
2017Attended Microcon 2017
2018Awarded the Just One Of Us Penguins Medal by the Aerican Empire
2019Commanded Operation: DOPY ARBORIST
 Attended Microcon 2019, Awarded MC19 (silver) with silver crown
 Awarded the Better, Weirder World Medal (Aerican Empire)
 Awarded the Order of the Pink Flamingo (Aigues-Mortes)
 Awarded the West Who Space Friendship Medal 2019
 Awarded the Order of the Desert Palm (Molossia)
 Awarded the Order of Louis Philippe I (Saint-Castin)
 Awarded the Order of the Golden Sextant (Angyalistan)
 Awarded the Medal of Friendship (Danduros)
 Awarded the Anniversary Medal (Sandus)
 Awarded the Friendship Medal (Uberstadt)
 Exercise Westarctic Chill; awarded the Order of the Sword (Westarctica)
2020Designated Coronial Warrior
2021Awarded Commander of the Order of the Dancing Dragons (Obscurium)
2022Attended Microcon 2022
 Awarded the Order of the Polar Cross (Westarctica)
 Awarded the Illustrious Order of Valor (Ruritania)
 Awarded Diplomatic Medal (Ladonia)
 Awarded Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Snowflake (Westarctica)
 Awarded Knight of the Most Honorable Order of Kolios
 Awarded Commander, Order of the Knights of the Amethonian Realm (C-OKAR)
 Awarded Kolios Friendship Cross (gold variant)