Patrick Goddard


1970Operation MARS NEEDS WOMEN
1984Based in Al Garry, joins NO SS as agent GRIZZLY
1985Posted to Lahr Colony to conduct surveillance on TEALS
1987Operation US GUYS
1988NO SS Liaison to TEALS
 Posted to Frigina to conduct Operation SANDISON
1989Operation SANDISON aborted; airlifted to Byetown
 Transfered to Navey - previous experience earns him Lt commission
 Operation GOLDEN GROTTO Iⅈ commands USS Schwannboat
 Admitted to Stamford Institute
 Operation RAWHIDE
 Posted to FOOLS
 Opoeration UNKEMPT
 Operation WOLVERINE; awarded AA
1990Operation COLD STEEL
 Regressional Convention
1991Operation PHREDERICTON DRIVE; awarded PhD
1992Operation INSTANT 3PLAY
 Operation SPOTLIGHT
 Operation PHREDERICTON DRIVE II; awarded PhD(2)
 Posted to Montsurreal to conduct operation NEUROTRICHUS GIBBSII
 Promoted to LCdr; awarded FOOLS
1993Operation PEPSI ASSASSIN; awarded CZ
 Posted to DELPHI
1994Operation VACUUM; awarded VEGAS; promoted to Cdr
 Operation WHITE FLAG; awarded CEF; awarded MEF
 Exercise GET STUFFED; appointed ORACLE at DELPHI
1995Operation SINK ME; commands USS Margarita; awarded SINKME
 Operation HAND ME THAT PIANO; commands USS Whiner
 Exercise CARBINGE; appointed PINHEAD
 Operation LAST SPIKE; awarded EFFORT
1997Operation SELLOUT, Operation ORANGE CRUSH
1998Operation STUD FINDER
 2nd Annual Regressional Convention; Awarded E
1999Operation RINGER
20003rd Annual Regressional Convention
2004Promoted to FAdm
 Operation BEYOND OUR KEN; commanded USS L'il Hank; awarded PhD(3)
 Operation EX-PAT
2013Promoted to Vice Admiral
 Awarded the Incontinental Star
2015Attended TOP SNOT 2015
2019Attended MicroCon 2019, Awarded MC19 (with gold crown)
 Awarded the Order of Slabovia - MC at MC-19