Faculty Of Metaphysical Sciences Bachelor Of Metaphysical Sciences

Faculty of Metaphysical Sciences

Department of Rocket Science

  • If it works...
  • Understanding Simplicity
  • Defying the "Why?" Syndrome
  • Technological Trial & Error
  • Is the "Why" Chromosome Really Necessary?

Department of Creative Mathematics

  • Modern Number Theory
  • The "Creative" Process
  • Stepping Outside of Logic
  • Deliniating that which is Linear
  • Estimating for Accuracy
  • Working Backwards from the "Right" Answer
  • Models of Number Systems
  • Integrity in Number Systems - Why?
  • The Comprehensible Calculus
  • The History of Number Theory (1764 BC - 2442 AD)

Department of Chaos Replication and Propogation

  • What is Chaos?
  • The Domino Effect
  • Cataclysm, Catastrophe, Destruction, and how it all begins
  • Pushing The Button (Lab)
  • Fusion and Confusion
  • Chaos Dynamics
  • Discriminating Chaos

Department of Entropy

  • Entropy in Systems
  • Entropy and Chaos
  • Dynamics of Breakdown
  • Foreclosure of the World
  • Entropic Philosophy
  • Entropic Energy and Dynamics

Department of Phredography (Chair: Dr. Phred Phredheimer)

  • Phred and Slabovia
  • GeoPhredical Entities
  • Descriptive Landmark Naming
  • Geniology of Physical Sites
  • Landscaping: An Avante-garde Approach
  • In Continents

Department of Temporal Macronomics and Time Studies

  • Now is where everything happens
  • Time Travel and Verb Tenses
  • Principles of Time
  • Controls in Time Experiments
  • Tick Tick vs. Tick Tock
  • Time Travel Ethics
  • Modern Systems of Time Measurement
  • Time and Entropy
  • Man in the Fourth Dimesion (Lab)

Department of Maritime Agriculture

  • Keeping the Water Out
  • Bottling Sunlight (Lab)
  • Working Under Pressure
  • Fathoming the M.A. League