Stephen Clarke


1995Joins CFTA
 Operation Sink Me; Awarded SINKME
 SNSSS Liaison Officer, Moronto
1996Exercise CARBINGE
 Posted to Op Ctr, SO Fleet Ops
 Operation PLIGRIM (Recce Party); Commands USS Wandering Buoy; Awarded Pligrim
 Promoted to Lt(JG)
 Awarded EFFORT
1997Operation PINNACLE; commands USS Iguana
1998Operation STUD FINDER
 2nd Annual Regressional Convention; Awarded E
1999Operation PURPLE VALLEY
 Operation SNOWBALL
 Operation BLACK FLAG
 Promoted to Lt
2000Operation GILDED CAGE; Awarded GC (with silver star for Mars EVA)
 3rd Annual Regressional Convention
 Awarded SO
 Posted to CNIB (SCORE)
2004Operation BEYOND OUR KEN; Awarded PhD
 Promoted to LCdr
 Awarded CZ
2005Awarded Palm Pilot Wings
 Posted to NAVELINT
2007Operation WIND-UP; Awarded WINDUP
2011Completed Llama sensitivity training
2013Appointed BARFSPOT
 Qualified for Starship command (SCAM)
 Issued SPACE CADET badge
 Promoted to Cdr
2014Awarded ARTEMIS
2014Attended 5th Annual Regressional Convention
 Awarded MEF
2019Operation DOPY ARBORIST
 Field promotion to Captain on account of continued outstanding incompetence.
 Attended MicroCon 2019, Awarded MC19 (silver) with silver crown
 Awarded the Better, Weirder World Medal (Aerican Empire)
2020Designated Coronial Warrior